Color Filter Glass Photos

Optical glass

yinxing Optical produces colored optical glass with a hundred or so curves of spectra and may supply our clients with standard optical filters that cover the spectral range of between 200nm and 2500nm.More

UV Glass

Black and blue glass allowing the pass-through of the UV light (254nm,310nm,365nm).More

Optics Lens

yinxing product line includes substrates for colored and uncolored optical glass, light and color filters, and cover glass.More


Our filter production includes color and uncolored optical glass with the transmission wavelengths ranging from 180nm to 2500nm.More

Quartz Glass

High-temperature optical quartz glass mainly used in the military, metallurgic and instrumental industries.More

Infrared Glass

Red and black glass allowing the pass-through of the infrared light.

Heat Absorbing Filters

KG1,KG2,KG3, (GRB1,GRB2,GRB3),an insulating glass, is characteristic particularly of a high transmission of visible light and an efficient absorption of infrared light (especially, the absorption of 1064nm infrared light) and may be applied in products of cold-light sources, such as cold-light lamps in the operating room, slide and overhead projectors.More

Optical Components

Optical glass, light and color filters, near-infrared glass, black UV glass, ND glass, orange, green and yellow glass, band-pass glass and other optical filters, all are made with cold processing and available in different specifications.More

Color Filter

Our Color Filter include: UV, skylight, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, cyan, violet, infrared and ND filters, available in specifications from M25 to M82.More

Filter Glass

yinxing Filter Glass include UV, blue, yellow, orange, green, neutral dimmer, red and infrared light filters.More

Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate Glass is one of transparent colourless glass, through wavelength is between 300 nm to 2500 nm, transmissivity is more than 90%.More


The filter could limit the reflection from non-metal surface such as water and glass windows.More TEL:0086-400-602-2286   0086-513-88797122   FAX:0086-513-88796768